Ready to start + Scale your portfolio?

Property Mastery is the blue print strategy made by Nicholas Groves and Richard Thompson on how they built a portfolio and orchestrated development deals from Zero to £9 million in 8 years.

With Nicholas and Richard being real and accessible people based in the West Midlands we wanted to create an open, honest and real platform for like minded people who want to start in property or escalate where they currently are without paying thousands and getting little or no result. 

We cover all the areas we’ve used to create a multiple income stream property business from no money down deals, how to find and buy BMV (Below Market Value) properties, raising capital, planning  and much more!

Generate cash flow from property you do and
don't own!

Rent-To-Rent R2R

Rent to Rent alongside serviced accommodation is one of the fastest growing and profitable industries at the moment, however not an easy market to master

Our R2R marketing and documentation pack offers all the blueprints and paperwork for you to start today!

Property Master Course

The ultimate and complete guide, covering all key areas to build a diverse property cashflow business

The course will go into depth on over 10 key areas which real examples, opinions, know-how, tools and its fully interactive.

One-on-one Mentoring

If you’re looking for dedicated time and tailored advice directly from Nick and Richard then the 1-on-1 mentoring package is for you!

Dedicated Zoom conferences available with tailored business plans and even joint venture opportunities

Why Start A Property Business With Us?

Tried And Tested Strategies

All of the content and instructions are live strategies used by Nicholas and Richard to this day, proven to work in all Market Conditions across all budget types

Future-Proof Business Model Blueprint

Staying protected in the property industry is absolutely vital and the PM course will demonstrate exactly how to do this

Insight To All 10 Major Property Areas

The course will delve deep into the 10 core areas of building your property business and portfolio, both owned and non-owned properties and projects.

Low Risk, No Debt

The perfect combination! Large sections of the course will show how to create a property business with little or no funds as well as building portfolios as you go - ‘Control everything, own nothing’

Real Life Examples Projects and Contacts

Be provided with real life examples of current and past projects as well as introduced to real and well respected individuals in the industry to help start and grow your business.


The ultimate goal is to escape the 9.00am – 5.00pm and the Property Masters course is designed to have you there withing 6 months

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