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Being a mommy of 4 I have always been a little bit concerned concerning germs as well as maintaining my kids healthy, specifically throughout chilly and also influenza season. As I am sure most of us are.

Do not get me wrong, I wasn’t a fanatic or anything … heck a little bit of dust never killed any person, right? Well, that I understand of, as well as waaaaay back when in ‘the excellent old days’ we just really did not have all of the anti-bacterial products or even the problems or focus on it that we have today.

Because we are so much extra aware today than years ago, it is essential to do our best or safeguard ourselves from any kind of hazardous bacteria or infection that can, not only take time far from us, yet in fact jeopardize our vibrant hoods and also rack up so quite significant medical bills too! However, no matter how hard we try in the house or when we out as well as about, there is just no chance to always shield ourselves.

I will certainly confess … I did become a fanatic of types from May 2010 through September 2011 when I was taking care of my daughter, Kathryn, 24/7 while going through cancer cells treatments. With the immune system so reduced all of the moment, it is very crucial not to find touching any type of virus or germs … So I confess, I lugged the disinfectant wipes, disinfectant spray and the anti-bacterial hand gel all over! Every little thing needed to be cleaned down before she came in contact with it to minimize the possibility of contacting “a pest,” which would certainly have been really destructive.

This is what prompted me to take a seat and also create this. Kathryn’s twin sis, Michelle, just recently needed to go into the Emergency Room for wooziness and frustration. While there she went into the back location to have the lab work done and also when she was instructed to return and sit in the waiting area for the outcomes.

When she and also her papa initially showed up there were 2 people in the waiting location, one damaged a finger and also the various other had breast pains. In the back, nonetheless, every area was filled up and also the registered nurse claimed that she was the just one in the past 4 hours that wasn’t below as a result of the flu. By the time she returned out after the lab job she counted about 10 individuals laying everywhere, coughing, sneezing, fever, vomiting with even more coming in the door! She rested much enough away from them and also called me.

I told her to see if she might just get the health center to call her with results given that you really did not have the flu and also didn’t want to remain to obtain it, if in any way possible. She stated they were calling individuals into the back and also more would certainly simply sit down where that individual stood up … no one was provided a mask, and also nobody was sanitizing anything! This implies that when Michelle and her father beinged in the waiting room when they initially got there, all of individuals in the back had been remaining on the same sofas and chairs! They needed to sit someplace, however we will never know if anything was disinfected or sterilized in between people … in the waiting space or in the lab space chairs and tables. Or do we?

Well, 2 days later on … Bing, Bang, BOOM! Full blown flu, for both of them!

This obtained me assuming … just how are you protecting your clients, personnel and also yourself from capturing this “flu insect” that seems to be taking control of America? Some areas are even worse than others, but all of us need to consider this. Billions of bucks and productivity are being spent and lost from shed earnings and employee absence for unwell days.

Obviously, it is very important to always keep your health spa or beauty parlor clean. It is necessary to take steps in your spa or beauty parlor to remain to operate throughout flu as well as winter season by maintaining your customers and team healthy and balanced. By showing your customers that your day spa or salon company has their best interest as well as health and wellness in mind, you will most absolutely rack up major loyalty points! Along with going above as well as beyond when various other companies are not.

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